About ISPM


Mission Statement

The mission of the International Society of Personalized Medicine (ISPM) shall be to promote the research and clinical practice in realization of personalized medicine for providing an individual therapeutic strategy taking into consideration diagnosis based on both genomic studies and environmental factors that may influence therapeutic response.

In order to fulfill this mission effectively, ISPM's activities include continuing to:

  1. Share information of the current clinical research and therapeutic strategies of personalized medicine for medical professionals, researchers and general public including patients (Organization of conferences and seminars, or publication of journals and books)
  2. Provide opportunities to participate in international conferences by using our world-wide networking for members who devote themselves to improve their quality of personalized medical practice
  3. Cooperate with the educational institutions that promote personalized medicine, and establish the personalized medical study by rallying wisdom in many experts in a broad range of fields
  4. Make recommendations and advise for advancing innovation of personalized medicine to the general public and the health care industry
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